Swedish Graffiti

I am now sat at my desk in my office in Östermalm. I had no idea that Berlin was so close. We took off at 10.40 and touched down at midday. Believe it or not I was at my desk for just after one o’clock.

I think what I noticed most on my return is the lack of graffiti. Berlin is covered in it. A lot of it is quite interesting as its socio-political. Berlin for obvious reasons is a very political city, with an active underground movement of both left and right.

Sweden has very little graffiti and is so much cleaner in contrast with Berlin, you really notice it when you come back.

I didnt sleep well last night. I never sleep well the night before an early flight as I am always worried I will sleep through the alarm clock and miss my flight.

I have no plans this weekend so I think I will treat myself to a Chinese tonight and maybe watch some Sweeney DVDs.



3 Responses

  1. I met a guy from Berlin who was into graffiti and he said there are hardly any repercussions, they just take the spray paint off you, perhaps its because of how common it is?

    Ive heard that there are alot of slums in Berlin too mainly because of the problems of days gone by and the influx of Turkish immigrants?

    p.s I think you should get a trabant – they’re cool in a retro way

  2. Have you been to Berlin? I highly recommend it as a weekend break desination. Its so cheap there, food and drink cost nothing.

    There are slums there unfortunately but I think its more to do with trying to maintain the Communist era buildings than anything else.

    There is very high unemployment in Berlin which is why its so cheap there.

  3. Ive never been to Berlin, I was supposed to be going for A-Level History but it got scrapped at last minute which was a bit unfortunate as Germany on a whole is somewhere I’d like to go.
    It annoys me when people are small minded and say I hate Germans when they dont really have a clue, Ive always got on great with them.

    My stepdad spent alot of time in Germany with the Army and went back to Berlin for the first time in 20 for his 50th. He said there is soo much building work going on but a great city to visit.

    I’d love to go to all the European capitals especially Budapest, Berlin and Rome… one day

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