A bit fruity.

Whilst en route to work today our tube broke down, we were asked politely to get off at Ostermalmstorg and wait for the next tube.

Of course its a pain in the arse but this is the first time I have had any issues on the Stockholm Underground since I moved moved here nearly 3 months ago. That is some feat when you have lived in London!

Other news, my new Juicer arrived this week. I need to eat more fruit and feel this would be a great way to get more fruit intake. I gave it a spin tonight, Apple, Pear and Pineapple, it was, as we used to in Swansea when I was a kid ‘lush’. I paid quite a bit for it but I can see why. 

I opted for this Philips Juicer. I like it because it has a wide funnel which means you dont have to spend ages chopping everything up, it takes apples whole for example. It has a massive pulp container which means you can leave the skin on the pineapple and it sends it all off to the pulp container and not the juice. I like the fact you can juice continuously rather than stop/start as you have to do on cheaper models.

I hope I keep using this. My last Smoothie maker was relegated to the back of the cupboard after awhile but I am determined to get my fruit intake. With the new job I cant afford to be off sick so fingers crossed this will help me fight off any bugs or colds.

I finally managed to sort some bank issues out today and sign up for a monthly billed mobile phone. I dont think you are truly settled anywhere until you have a proper phone. This means I will be retiring my other numbers shortly, for those of you who have them.

I am very happy tonight. I have just seen Liverpool do the bizo over Arsenal in the Champions League. A great game and a great display of why you should never give up. The Mighty Swans also drew away at 2nd place Carlisle so thats a big point for us. Psychologically it should push us across the finish line now.

I do apologise thats 2 football posts in 2 days, I wont make a habit of it.

Blogging will be a light over the next few days as I am leaving for Berlin tomorrow though I am back late on Friday. Monday Tuesday I am in Amsterdam, its all go at the moment!


3 Responses

  1. try carrot, apple and ginger in the juicer – its yummy!!

  2. haha – Lush, thats a word I havent heard for a few years. I remember being 8 or so and all the kids in Cwmbran thought everything was lush!

    The Pool vs Gooners was a very good game, I expected it to be boring, defensive game with a single goal like the Liverpool – Chelsea games of the last few years.

    You should take some Vit C tablets, they work wonders in helping prevent colds and taste great!

    I looked at your companies website, some great prices. I honestly never knew you were such a big player in the hotel industry? or you just dont mark up as much as someone like superbreaks?

    Also looked at your jobs, gonna have to get my Swedish perfected before I do that again lol. I’ve applied a simple office job with Ericsson so hopefully something will come of that although they have been interviewing since Feb and stop in April, the 28th may be too late.

    Keep on blogging mate

  3. My favourite smootie is Banana and Strawberry…always fun to add other things to it too…


    1 large banana, 2 handfuls of strawberries, handful of grapes, some apple juice and a couple of icecubes.


    Bon appetit

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