Its nice to be living so far away when

things like this happen back home!  i can just imagine the cringeworthy media coverage of this! I am glad I am miles away from it!

Djurgården IF

Unfortunately I am unable to make Hammarby’s game tonight which is a shame as its the first one at home. Apparently 5000 or so bajen fans congregate in a square and its then tradition as its the first home game to march to Söder Stadion.

I drove past Djurgårdens ground the other day and I have to say it looked rather special. The Stockholm Olympic Stadium looks (from the outside at least) to have a lot of character and certainly a nice welcome change from the football stadia of the modern era. I will take some photos one lunch time as its not far from the office.

Djurgården are the team from Östermalm. They were formed in 1891 and have won 11 National titles and 4 national cups. Their  largest supporters club is called ‘Järnkaminerna’ which means the ‘Iron Stoves!’.

A strange name! So whats the history behind it?

The nickname derives from the Fifties when Djurgårdens football team was renowned for their physique and physical training as well as their rough style of play on the pitch. The stripes of their jersey made it look almost like an iron stove. After this period the team became commonly known as “Järnkaminerna” (The Iron Stoves). The nickname has remained arguably the most popular nickname ffor Djurgarden, its players and supporters, together with “the blue stripes”, until today.

Its interesting to note that their Strategic Advisor is former England Number 2 – Tord Grip and that Teddy Sheringham played for Djurgården in 1985.

Todays Swedish word of the day is järn-iron


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