A stroll around Gamla Stan -Stockholms’ impressive Old Town

Today the wonderful and resourceful Ms W took me on a lovely tour of Gamla Stan (Old Town). She had done her homework and peppered our nice walk with interesting facts about the heart of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan is only a small part of modern day Stockholm but in days of yore Gamla Stan was Stockholm.

Naturally I took some photos of Gamla Stan for you.

To reward my tour guide I bought her a Sunday roast, it was in an Irish bar in GS. It was nice and considering I havent had a sunday dinner for almost 3 months it was welcome. It was I am sorry to say not a patch on my mothers fantastic Sunday roast but it was passable. Mind you I dont know what she would have thought of a Sunday lunch which included butternut squash and spinach!

Stockholms Old Town has some fascinating streets and shops. They are full of character as you can see from the photos. I have been to many of Europes’ old town quarters but what I liked about Gamla Stan was the fact the tourists stuck to one thoroughfare and ignored the rest. Very strange but good for us locals.

Ms W had to post a letter and we started off in the local paper shop. This was interesting in itself as it tripled up as both a post office and a betting shop. I was delighted to see a Lazio scarf on the wall!

Ms W pointed out the ‘gossip mirrors’. These are contraptions that allow the people in the flats to see whats going on below! I guess it saves on the neck ache.

It was interesting to see St George and the dragon, that guy must have done some miles! His influence seems to be everywhere except he is called Goran here which is Swedish for George. Sven George Eriksson doesnt sound right does it?

This was a copy of the original sculpture which stands in the impressive church in Gamla Stan. The sculptor has ‘nordicised’ the creature a bit by giving him elk like antlers.

When we walked past the Royal Castle there were some guards doing drills. There are a few photos of this and took some video footage to upload. It was wierd to hear Swedish being used in a military way, vad roligt!

I popped into the Royal Castle shop and naturally left with a new book tucked under my arm. Its a coffee table book on the history of Sweden, it looks an interesting read with some great photos.

This is definitely one of the main reasons why I am enjoying my time in Stockholm. There is so much history, architecture, items of interest to see. Yes Stockholm is an expensive place but all the things (bar the Sunday Roast!) were free. I cant wait for the summer to come so I can explore the archipelago and get out into the Swedish countryside.

For those of you who asked, Molde was fine, the airplane was not a second world war effort but a decent craft. The flight was smooth and Molde? Beautiful. The Norwegian Western Coast is truly magnificent.


9 Responses

  1. Vad roligt! πŸ™‚ Tack fΓΆr en trevlig eftermiddag.

  2. Nice write up mate. Enjoyed reading it…you’re quite the story teller!
    I would be sold on visiting – you should work for Visit Sweden/ by the time you close this blog.

  3. Thanks Jamie but I could have really written a lot more, I am a lazy writer.

    When do you come over? I thought you were here already, last minute nerves?

    Sorry I didnt answer earlier but have been mega busy. My new role is based here in Stockholm and if it all goes to plan will see me here for at least five years.

  4. There’s no time for nerves pal, 3 weeks today I leave. The other half is over now setting up camp and im just trying to source jobs from here. I will be starting folkuniversietiet (sp) at the star of May.
    Swans were unlucky on saturday! Looks like the Green Army will have another year in the Championship 😦 although we will get to play you!

    Good news about the new role! Jet setting off anywhere soon?

  5. It feels like Plymouth in Soder right now. Hammarby are playing their first game and there are lots of people milling around with green and white clothing and scarves on.

    Yes busy few weeks ahead Berlin this week Amsterdam next week and Rome the week after that. Should start to settle down a bit then.

  6. Yeh I read your post… who are they playing tonight?
    I doubt it feels too much like Plymouth as we’ve had snow yday and today 😐 but lucky enough it didnt stick!
    When in Rome…and all that – apply to Berlin and Amsterdam aswell?

  7. GIF Sundsvall. Hammarby won 5-3 so a good game missed there then. Nick the Swede will be happy!

  8. Goals galore then, I’m looking forward to watching AIK and some of the local football that plays in the park next to where Im staying. I cant believe the standard of womans/girls football here.
    Are you reffing here yet?

  9. Not yet and realistically it may be next season. The new job is going to keep me busy for awhile, I have enough people at shouting at me here without it on a Sunday morning πŸ˜‰

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