Norwegian Wood

Molde Airpot 

Tomorrow I am off to Norway to a new city in fact. I am going to Molde to give a presentation along with a colleague.

I always enjoy going to new places but as is often the case in my line of work, I am not there that long. I fly at 3pm tomorrow change at Oslo and get in at 8 I think.  The presentation is at 9am and the flight back is around 2pm. Hopefully I can get a few snaps of the place for the blog.

Molde, on Norways western coast does indeed look a lovely place. A great fishing spot by the looks of it. You can see more about Molde on the very good Visit Molde site or Molde Panaroma

The only snag here is that despite flying everywhere I am not the greatest fliers. In fact I hate fairground rides and rollercoasters and dont even get me started on pirate boats.

The flight to Molde is going to be a nightmare, I am half expecting some 6 seater thing to take us there. Just look at the landing strip! The things I do!


4 Responses

  1. Hopefully you’ll be able to check out this Atlanterhavsvegen, it looks amazing! As does the landing strip! lol 😀

  2. And I thought this was bad…what did I know! U´ll be fine though.

  3. Just been told that the SAS pilots need a special certificate to be able to land there. When I say SAS I mean the Scandi Airline and not the Special Air Service who I am sure woulnt go near this!

  4. Hofi, my worst ever flight was the one I took to Akureyri, I so nearly got the 8 hour bus back to Smokey Bay!

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