Windows open

I am sitting here in my flat and for the first time I since I have moved in I have all the windows open!

My thermometer tells me its about 15 degrees which is the warmest its been since I arrived.

I arrived back late last night and hopped in a cab from the train station. Now one thing I hate is when the cab driver gets lost or doesnt know the way. I only live about 10 mins ride from the station and asked him if he knew the way. Yes he says.

He then proceeds to try and drive the wrong way though a one way street, not just once but twice.

It was 11.30 at night, I had been on the road all day and I didnt half give him some stick.I actually hopped out and walked the last half a mile home I took his number of course but havent made a complaint, he knows my address and I dont fancy a visit from him and his mates if he got fired.

I asked around today and apparently its quite easy to get a taxi licence. I thought it would have been tougher over here but apparently not.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is fönster- window.

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  1. You are missing the nice whether back here at the moment! People in shorts and all sorts. Went out with the lads for a curry last night and managed to sit in the packed fully beer garden for the first time this year. Was a strange experience. Long may it continue

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