Swedish Girl Want British Guys


Swedish Girls want British Guys

I do know a few couples who are from both countries but I think this is just a stereotype. I mean how many of the people in the survey have met a Swedish woman or a British guy. Everyone says that Swedish women are open minded but in fact I think the Swedes are quite conservative, ok socially they are very liberal but there is a stereotype about Swedish women which isnt true. Mind you summer isnt here yet and I keep getting told the country and its people changes then.


2 Responses

  1. Its definately different in the summer IMO. Everyone seems that bit friendlier.
    My experience of Swedish women on holiday is that they have the same conception of English men – drink, fight etc and you have to prove that you are not a stereotype English man.

  2. This is possible; I met two English fellows with Swedish partners in my Svenska för Invandrare class. While the English are often stereotyped as not being very attractive (sadly I’d have to agree with this one), in Sweden there’s also a bit of fetishization and idealization of the English, especially with respect to “English” over “American English.”

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