Eating Out in Stockholm

Despite my increasing waistline I have not really eaten out that much in Stockholm yet.

Last night we had an office meal and went to Vapiano’s on Sturegatan. It was manic in there and had it been down to me I probably would have just walked on by. However looks can be decieving.

Its an Italian and they cook it in front of you. They give you a card which you swipe and you pay when you leave.

The menu wasnt too bad and although it was a long queue it was interesting to watch the chefs cook. It also meant changing my mind about 10 times. I actually went for the Carbonara with…wait for it…wholewheat spaghetti.  All very healthy but when you consider the egg, cream and bacon it was only a token effort.

The food was good and can recommend the place if you fancy a casual or fun bite to eat in Stockholm.


7 Responses

  1. incrasnig waist line??
    ur were usually such a healthy boy!

  2. Healthy options? You have changed since you left Swansea!

  3. Am about 4 stone lighter since I left Swansea.

  4. Really? Blimey well done. It must be all that hard work and jetting around Europe.

  5. Thanks but it was more pounding the treadmill, refereeing and cooking for myself. Packing in the ‘Swansea Diet’ also helped. You know the one Rossi’s, Kings Diner, Asian Grill ;-0

  6. I’d forgotten about the Asian Grill! Is it still there?

  7. Interesting. I’ll have to try out Vapiano’s. I’ve heard mixed reviews from so many people now!

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