What Difference Does It Make?

A lot, a heck of a lot.

Today I finally got a Swedish Bank Account! Yes its only taken nearly 2 months, I was beginning to think that this was going to be a real problem.

Getting my personnummer was like waving a magic wand! Previous visits to various banks felt like approaching the Stasi but this morning the nice chap at my local SEB invited me to sit down and ran through the options.

He even asked me about investing! Thats a big step from ‘do you have a person nummer’ and then being shown the door when I answer in the negative.

Only snag is I am unable to have my UK salary transferred to the Swedish one because then I will get hit twice by the tax man. My UK account actually want me to go in and sign off a transfer which is a pain.

The good news is that I can now get a subscription mobile phone, gym membership, buy books online and even rent a DVD.

I am off to the UK in the morning for five days so I probably wont blog now until after Easter.

So Todays Swedish Word of the Day is Påsk – Easter, very similar to the French word for Easter!

Ha en bra Påsk!


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