Overdue photos

Langholmen to Vasterbron 

Sorry all, I have been very lazy with my photos. Part of it is trying to understand how flickr works and to get the best out of it.

Anyway rather than give you all the photos from the walk mentioned in my ‘Green Green Grass of Langholm’ post. I have split them into sections of the walk depending on where the snaps were taken.

So the first section is my walk from:
Södermalm to Västerbron
View from the Western Bridge

I hope you enjoy, its probably best to view as slideshow.
Kungsholmen (including Stockholm Town Hall, Rådhuset)


5 Responses

  1. Its really nice to see other views and angles of Stockholm that ive never seen before.
    Seeing your photos and getting everything arranged for my move is making it seem all so close now.
    I may have my first boxing bout against the RAF boxing team on 25th April – 3 days before I leave… just gotta get my fitness up!

  2. Yes thats something I like about Stockholm. You can go on long walks and see something new each time.

    Boxing against the RAF, rather you than me 😉

    So the move is nearly here, are you nervous yet? I know I was edgy before I came over. Its been two months already the time has flown!

  3. wow 2 months already! didnt even think it had been that long! Do you feel settled yet?
    Yeh, Im getting quite edgy at the moment, its constantly on my mind, plus my Swede is leaving on the 3rd to set up early so im gonna be home alone for 3/4 weeks just waiting for time to pass.

  4. Hard question to answer that really. Yes in some ways settled but dont think I will be settled in until I have seen summer here and enlarged my social network.

  5. Yeah thats one thing I’m worried about.. I have a large social network here so its going to be a bit of a shock at first but I have the advantage of my Swede so it should luckily make my transition easier than yours.
    I love Swedish summer… cant wait,, lakes, midsommar, tourists, bbq’s and travelling!
    What do you do in a typical summer mate?

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