I am currently enjoying a weekend, thats right on a Monday. Basically I worked the weekend so taking today and tomorrow morning off.

The big news is that my Person nummer has arrived at last. This means I can now get a bank account (fingers crossed) which means I can join a gym, get a subscription mobile phone and a whole host of other things such as renting DVDs.

I enjoyed the TUR trade fair, it was hard work but good professionally. Also good to get a chance to wander around the Swedish section and see what Sweden has to offer. Some interesting things on show from Astrid Lingren World (the author of Pippi and other characters) to Fun City. Sometimes it would be fun to have kids…sometimes I said before you spit your coffee over the floor. All the various tourist boards were there promoting their areas and Sweden is indeed a beautful country.

I like the look of Inlandsbanen, an internal train journey through some remote parts of Sweden. You can even come back via the Norwegian coast via Narvik and Hurtigruten. A colleague of mine took stunning photos of her trip of the Norwegian coast so I would like to see it for myself. It may have to be a trip for next year though as I am not sure I can squeeze it in this summer.

I am sorry the blog has been light of late. A lot of stuff going on in the office plus the trade fair. Am back in England on Thursday for 5 days to watch loads of football so am looking forward to that.

I might start posting just a few times a week. The longer I am here the more I am settling in and somedays nothing of any note really happens. Will see how we get on.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is Frisor -hairdresser which is where I need to go soon as the barnet and sideburns are starting to getting a little unruly! Should I just go grade 3 all over?


2 Responses

  1. you heading to the pretty shitty city for swans/rovers next monday sinbad?

  2. Hi Jam

    No mate, I am taking in

    Southend v Swansea (the main event)
    Cambridge City at home on Sat
    Cambrige City away to Bromley on Easter Monday then watch the Bristol Rovers game on Sky with the chaps.

    Had it been Bristol City I would have been there, tooled up with my tesco trolley 😉

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