Greetings from Goteborg

I do apologise for the lack of posts this week. I am sat in my hotel room ready to do battle once again at the TUR trade fair in Gothen..Goteborg as the Swedish call it.

I have been to this fair a few times and rarely get the chance to explore GBG. When I do go out there are travel professionals everywhere as this is THE big event. I think I need to come back and have a look around. In fact I cant wait for the summer and the chance to explore Sverige a bit more.

I think GBG has a vibrant nightlife but looks wise it just doesn’t compare with Stockholm. There is a big rivalry between the two but unless I am missing something Stockholm is winning hands down.

One thing that got me last night, quite funny really. We went to a club for a party hosted by KLM. I had had a couple of cheeky whiskies and went to the loo…I opened the door and there were 2 ladies washing their hands. I think I must have gone white as they both laughed at me and said something in rapid Swedish. Now this is awkward as my Swedish isnt great but I wasnt sure if they had really said ‘its ok, its for men and women’.

Yes it was a unisex loo…strange, there shouldnt be anything wrong with that but as I was relieving myself I couldnt help but think some burly security guard was going to come bursting in and dragging me down to the police station.

A Finnish friend of mine was telling me about a bar in Sweden with a very dodgy urinal…apparently in front of the urinal is a two way mirror so you can see people on the dance floor but they cant see you….hmmm not sure I entirely believe him but how surreal.


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  1. Ive never been to GBG but I will make sure its on my travel list this summer, how was it?
    I went into a shopping mall in Stockholm and it had shared toilets. I know people say Swedes are liberal but this was a suprise but Im sure there is a really famous 2 way mirror/urinal in HK or Singapore that overlooks the streets.
    My gf is off home on the 3rd April to get stuff sorted for when I move over so is a step closer again.
    Liverpool vs Arsenal… what you think?

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