The Green Green Grass of Långholm


Blogging will be a bit light for the next few days I am afraid. I shall be going to Gothenburg later this week to the TUR trade fair this is a really busy trade fair in my game so I wont even have much time to get out and about to take some photos.

I took a lovely walk on Sunday. Its becoming a regular event now. I walked along the top of Södermalm to Kungsholmen and back. I crossed the infamous Västerbron  (Western Bridge) apparently a lot of people ‘top’ themselves by jumping off it. A nice view of Stockholm from there so I guess there are worse places to do it.

It crosses the small island of Långholmen, which is described as a ‘green oasis’ in the city. People go there for picnics and walks as well as to swim as there are beaches there. I strolled to the highest part of it and took some photos and a video clip! Very advanced. I shall post them soon.

It was only on reading the Wiki page on Långholmen that I realised that I had visited when I was 18. I was on a conference then and we were suppsoed to stay a hotel on the island. It was in fact a prison which they renovated but they kept it as prison cells.

The other notable thing about Långholmen is that the former prisoners covered the island with mud dredged from the waterways.  As a result it has some lush gardens and exotic fauna. I will have to take another look. 

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is actually a phrase that I have been saying a lot this week ‘Sjalv ar bäste dräng’ -basically if you want something doing properly, do it yourself.


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  1. […] rather than give you all the photos from the walk mentioned in my ‘Green Green Grass of Langholm’ post. I have split them into sections of the walk depending on where the snaps were […]

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