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Some of you know I have been messing around with a Bass guitar for awhile. I decided that I needed to take up an instrument again.

I have no aspirations for joining  a band….yet, but learning an instrument gives you a lot of satisfaction if you can crack it. It also gives you good discipline as you need to practice regularly and it does actually help you forget about life as you try and play that piece you love.

So I have the inspiration, now I needed a Bass.

I looked around online for advice on a good entry level bass guitar but nobody seemed to agree on what was good one. Everyone looks for something different.

I looked at the website of Jam they seemed to have a large choice, some good packages and are just 5 mins walk from my place. I really liked the look of the Elbaspaket Warwick Rockbass Streamer + Warwick Blue Cab 30 amp.

I called the shop but they didnt have it in stock but their other Stockholm store did.

I was amazed when I got up there. It was huge with all sorts of guitars to choose from. I was helped by a guy called Jens who I was really impressed with. I have worked in sales all my life and know almost all the tricks in the book.  Jens despite being young is a credit to his boss. He ran through a few questions and was actually interested in what I wanted to play. This is known to us in the trade as the ‘consultative sale.’

He actually recommended that I bought a package which was half the price of the one I wanted. This proved to me that he was trying to advise me rather than selling me the highest bit of kit he could.  He played both guitars for me and I still decided on the Warwick.  Jens then set it all up for me, making sure it was how I wanted it.

Top, quality service. I wont hesitate to go back to Jam if I need anything  guitar related in the future. I also really recommend them if you are new to Sweden and want to buy a guitar.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is gitarr -guitar (pronounced yee-tarrr)


One Response

  1. Hello my name a Borat.. I wanna buy yee-tarr!!!

    Ive tried acoustic a couple of years ago but never got used to the pain it caused my fingers.

    Lets hope you learn to jam

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