Excuse Me.

I have mentioned before that I find the Swedes a polite race, though the Norwegians are uber polite in my view. I mean the Swedes, in the main, wait for you to get off the tube before they get on. They will say thanks (takk) a lot and var så god (you are welcome). So it really surprises me when they barge into you and don’t say anything.

This has happened to me several times since I have been here and its culturally very different. I mean in England those of us that are brought up well will say sorry even when its not actually our fault.

This just happened to me in our local deli where I was getting my lunch. A guy barged past and didnt even acknowledge me. I am not entirely sure why I learnt the words ‘excuse me’ in Swedish as very few people seem to use them.

On another note I was very pleased to wake up to the news that Senator John McCain has clinched the GOP nomination. I do feel some sadness for Governor Mike Huckabee who really impressed me on the stump. He was very honest and spoke like an ordinary guy, I guess you can do that when you know you aren’t going to win.

Interestingly enough Obama took the Swedish Primary. I am not sure who I want to win in the Democratic race. I think Hillary is shocking and she makes me cringe every time I see her, I think she will be to womens right what King Herod was for childcare. Obama is inexperienced and I think McCain could put him away in his sleep, I hate to say but Hillary should be the Democrats choice if they are serious about winning back the White House.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is ursäkta mig – excuse me.


3 Responses

  1. I know, ursäkta oss…

    I´m surprised u think we´re polite in the subway. I always get annoyed with people since they don´t wait to let u get off the train. Or if they do wait, they´ll wait right in the doorway. Apparently it must be even worse in London?

  2. Oh crikey London is much worse than here much worse. I am pleasantly surprised by the tube here anyway.

  3. Im really want to comment on this but I already have on another post of yours and I dont want to sound anti-Swedish or anything .

    But no-where is worse than London, apart from maybe HK or Tokyo.

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