Irregular behaviour.

I am now hitting a phase which I am sure many exiles have experienced. Language. Swedish. It was I guess a hobby of sorts in the past, its rather exciting to be learning an unusual language.  I mean ‘unusual’ in the sense that is not a common language for Brits to learn.

At first I really enjoyed learning Swedish and using it but the novelty is now wearing off and its turning into hard work. Whereas before it was a challenge to converse in Swedish now its becoming quite laborious. I am turning lazy and I need to kick myself up the arse and sort it out. I am not speaking Swedish as much as I should and when people do switch into Swedish, I let out a great big groan inside. As they babble on I defeat myself with thoughts off self defeat. ‘I have only been learning this properly for five weeks, give me a chance’ or ‘I am too tired to listen to this and translate it today.’

Not good.

I think the classes are starting to get a bit taxing, not the subject matter but the frequency. Twice a week for 135 mins each time and homework. I think I would prefer it if it was once a week but thats not an option. I need to crack on and drive myself on through this mental obstacle. I will become fluent in Swedish and I want to do it within a year. I need to keep repeating that challenge to myself and egging myself on.

This is strange for me as I have always been someone who loves learning new languages. It was the one thing that kept me on the straight and narrow at school. Yes I loved history but wanted to learn about more than the Normans and the Romans. Language gave me a chance to excel in the science of learning language (vocab+grammar+pronounciation) and then expressing yourself in it. I remember being glued to video tapes of the Maastricht treaty debates from France, I loved politics and living history you see.

I have just done todays Swedish homework in fact. We are now learning the past tense. Aha people thought I was an optimist because I never spoke about the past, only the present and the future. But sod the glass is half full stuff the truth of the matter was I hadnt got around to teaching myself the past tense.

Grammatically Swedish isnt that bad, it has a few little twists and turns but nowhere near as bad as the languages across the Baltic Seas in Finland and Russia and its not as complex as the Germanic languages. The past tense however is a bit on the naughty side, no real hard and fast rules, a lot of this will be learnt on sight. There are some great resources online and today I found a good site for irregular Swedish verbs.

I will create a blogroll with good Swedish learning resources I think.

My homework for today…write about a famous person from your own country. So here goes, please note this is not guaranteed to be grammatically correct or indeed with the correct spelling. I wonder if you can guess the person?

1863 foddes en mycket speciell person. Han var en berömda politker och han var den förstan premiärminister fran Wales faktiskt.

Han ar berömda darfor han var en social reformator med socialvard. Han introducerade pensionär för ålderpensionar och arbetslöshetsunderstöd. Han dog i 1945 i Wales


7 Responses

  1. You really are a dark horse…

  2. Whatever you do mean Miss?

  3. lloyd george???

  4. And now u just put one of those smiles on my face again. 🙂

  5. Yes you are correct it was in fact Lloyd George!

  6. I can imagine Swedish being a draining language to learn. I do know some Swedish but I go through cycles of when I can bear to learn Swedish and when I cant stand it.
    I do hope to pick it up asap.
    Nice link to verbs mate

  7. Great text.., man

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