Suits you Sir.

I am in Amsterdam for a day of meetings but back to Stockholm tonight.

It was really bad timing to leave though, I left yesterday afternoon and the weather was fantastic. Probably the warmest its been since I have been here. When I landed in Amsterdam after a particular choppy flight it was pissing down and grey!

I think I might like Stockholm in the summer!

I went shopping for a nice business suit on Saturday. I had put aside some savings to get a really special suit but you know what I looked at all the names but nothing jumped out at me at all. Sods law, when I dont have the cash I see lots I like. Then again I am very fussy when it comes to suits but I genuinely believe the style of suits sold in Stockholm are very different from the UK. Maybe I should have just gone to Saville Row when I was in London and had done with it.

Funny thing was I ended up picking up a suit in Dressman, I guess thats the equivalent to Moss Bros back home. I was happy to spend 500 notes or so on a suit but ended up buying one I liked for about 120 quid.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is kostym  suit


Swedish Girl Want British Guys


Swedish Girls want British Guys

I do know a few couples who are from both countries but I think this is just a stereotype. I mean how many of the people in the survey have met a Swedish woman or a British guy. Everyone says that Swedish women are open minded but in fact I think the Swedes are quite conservative, ok socially they are very liberal but there is a stereotype about Swedish women which isnt true. Mind you summer isnt here yet and I keep getting told the country and its people changes then.

Eating Out in Stockholm

Despite my increasing waistline I have not really eaten out that much in Stockholm yet.

Last night we had an office meal and went to Vapiano’s on Sturegatan. It was manic in there and had it been down to me I probably would have just walked on by. However looks can be decieving.

Its an Italian and they cook it in front of you. They give you a card which you swipe and you pay when you leave.

The menu wasnt too bad and although it was a long queue it was interesting to watch the chefs cook. It also meant changing my mind about 10 times. I actually went for the Carbonara with…wait for it…wholewheat spaghetti.  All very healthy but when you consider the egg, cream and bacon it was only a token effort.

The food was good and can recommend the place if you fancy a casual or fun bite to eat in Stockholm.

Hemingway and Martel

Managed to pick up the first two books needed for my 501 Must Read Books today. I selected Ernest Hemingways’ Old Man and the Sea  and Yann Martels’ Life of Pi, these really are two books I would never usually pick up. I have a trip to Amsterdam and Molde on the Norwegian Coast next week so will have time to finish them both.

Margaret kindly commented that she has a bookshop called New York Stories in Vasagatan so hopefully I can pick up most of the books over there.


Another surreal experience yesterday. I had to get my hair cut and so I went to a place near the old office. It said the magic words ‘drop in’ which means you dont need an appointment.

I was only in for a quick short back and sides and sort my sideburns out as they were getting a bit wild. So what was surreal?

The fact there were 2 ladies in the salon as well, not cutting hair but having their barnets seen to. How very bizarre! I dont think I have ever had my hair cut in a unisex place before. There was no sign on the door saying U N I S E X so can only presume that this is the norm in Sweden.

My only regret was not being able to understand the Swedish that the women were using, it was too fast which is a shame as I have often wondered what women talk about at the hairdressers 😉

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is Frisör-hairdresser. 

Radio Ga Ga

So I am now back from the UK, I wish I could say I was refeshed but 4 matches in 4 days plus whisky and crap food means I need to go on a detox. More on that soon.

I was faffing about in the kitchen the other day and as always I put Radio Stockholm on. Its not the most exciting of stations and the music is lousy but they talk a lot which is helping me to train my ear.

So on comes the Six O’clock news and I sat down in amazement as I was getting most of it. Usually I understand the odd word but this time I was getting about 70-80% of it. I was feeling very smug as it dawned on me that my Swedish is much better than I give myself credit for…the feeling of smugness didnt last to long.

Guess what…

The 6pm news is klartext which is the news in Swedish for Swedish learners!!!! They deliberately read it slowly!! Ah well at least I was able to get most of that and I should make a point of listening to it more often.

I did some reading up on it and you can actually listen to it online.  Apparently around 300,000 people tune it so from now on it will be at least 300,001. I cant recommend it high enough for those of you who are learning Swedish.

On the subject of learning Swedish I have decided to discontinue with the Folkuniversitetet course. If I had a 9-5 job then it would be easy but as I travel a lot its hard to commit to twice a week. I have just ordered a Swedish Linguaphone course and will report back on this method of learning.

Quite interesting today I answered a Norwegian colleagues phone and was able to understand and take a message, I love little victories like this.

Today’s Swedish Word of the Day is avhämntning- take away which is what I did with my lunch today.

Tongue Tied in London Town

I am in a state of turmoil.

I am back in blighty and every time I order something its coming out in Swedish!  People are looking at me strangely ( no change there then)

Todays English Word of the Day is confused –  förvirrad