This is a bit Donald Duck’d

Remember the Popeye posting, sorry Karl Alfred? Well here is another one….

Look at this one:

Donald Duck kalle AnkeDD

Donald Duck is Kalle Anka!

We have moved to our new offices today in Östermalm so sorry for the short posts. Been busy with that. I will be taking it easy this weekend, Hammarby are playing a friendly tomorrow so I may go and watch them. But otherwise its a chill out weekend.

I did treat myself to a nice Bose Sounddock system for the Ipod today so no doubt will be give that a blast around the flat!

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is helg -weekend, so ha en bra helg!


3 Responses

  1. Its a vertically challenged donald! very funny!

    Nice work on the Bose sounddock! Although expensive they’re definately value for money.
    You missing British prices yet mate?

  2. Yes very pricey but I tell you what the quality is immense. I listened to a bit of opera on it last night (yes I know a man who likes Punk and Opera!) and it was almost like being at the Albert Hall.

    A very expensive purchase but its like when I bought some expensive running shoes someone said to me that when you break it down to often you use it its not that expensive.

    I am missing UK prices in some ways but overall its not as bad as I expected.

  3. Yeh I agree with that analogy – Ami’s sister got one for xmas and we had to spend the day listening to her dads music choice 😦

    And I bought some nice new boxing boots yesterday as Ive been using just trainers and my gf had a moan because we are saving up but as I go 3 times a week its money well spent and for the extra comfort and protection it makes sense and they are fit for the purpose.

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