Its Sportslov in Sweden

Wow I cant believe it -this blog has had over 2,200 unique visits since I started it in January. I am truly shocked.  When I started I thought friends would view the odd post but not to this level. I am also being picked up on the search engines for different search terms relating to Swedish life so I hope I am helping others with their moves here.

Today in Sweden is the start of sportslov, this is a weeks holiday from school for Swedish children where they are supposed to go out into the open air and countryside and partake in some sporting activities such as skiing.

A nice idea but I wonder how many parents actually take their kids out to the countryside this week. Does Nintendo gameboy count as sporting?

This weekend was very interesting, I actually ventured out on Saturday night and hit a club. Um interesting, I have never had a woman offer to buy me a drink and then I spend the rest of the night hiding. Yes folks she must have been really desperate.

I walked home and got into one of those awkward situations. You know the ones where you wonder if you should get involved or not?

Basically there was a woman around 20 who was absolutely hammered drunk, I mean she could hardly stand. I walked past minding my own business but heard an Asian guy next to here saying words to the effect of, ‘its ok, I will drive you home for nothing.’


I turned around and noticed his car parked in the layby, no taxi markings whatsoever. The girl then agreed to get into the guys car. I decided to have a word.

I asked the girl if she was ok, she said she did not have enough money to get a taxi and was going to get a night bus. The guy then butted in saying he was going to take her home for nothing. I asked the girl if she was ok with and she seemed a little unsure. Matey boy then started getting aggressive which I took as a sign that something was up.

I suggested to the woman that she calls her parents, takes a bus or calls a proper taxi and I would pay it for her, I told if she felt bad she could take my number and pay me another day. At this the guy got quite animated and started shoving me in the chest. Part of me wanted to give him a slap at this point but I reacted in such a way that would have made Kissinger proud.

Me: ‘look mate, have you got a sister?’ (manipulative I know but I am aware of the status of sisters and female cousins within an Asian househould.)

Man: Yes I have one.

Me: Well what if your sister was in London, drunk or out of cash and some guy in an unmarked cab was offering her a lift home for free, wouldnt you be happy if some guy walked past intervened and asked her to think twice?

He grudgingly admitted that yes he would appreciate that.

I thought I had gone far enough now, the girl still got into the car with him. I looked at his car reg and showed him I was committing to it memory.

I walked away, in my mind I knew that it could have turned sour, in my mind I knew I wouldn’t like to be accused of wrong doing if I was genuinely volunteering to help someone out.

Maybe I shouldn’t have involved myself but I am sure that even if the guy had malicious intentions he wouldnt do anything now after the scene I caused. I was also quite relieved I didnt lash out with a right hook as the younger Shane would have done.  Maybe I am maturing…..nah!

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is dum – stupid which I think the girl was.


7 Responses

  1. wow very thoughtfull of you

  2. Well Well, what an interesting eventful evening?
    I think you handled that really well, from the saying something in the first place and then to letting him push you go!
    I wonder what happened to her after all? Lets hope this guy has a concience.
    I had a really interesting story of israeli gangsters, guns and prostitutes in Stockholm when me and my friend were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Did you try out Patricia?

  3. Not sure if its thoughtful or not but I am a great believer that if more people stepped forward then we wouldnt have so many awful things happening today.

    Then again when people carry weapons I can understand why people turn a blind eye.

    I doubt anything happened to that girl because the driver would have known I would have gone straight to the law but had I not said anything then yes you wonder what would have happened.

    No I didnt make iit Patricia mate, another time!

    So come on whats this story about Israeli gun runners?

  4. I know exactely what you mean about turning a blind eye… I try not to but ive got in trouble before trying to do the ‘right thing’… its a hard call.

    But with the Israeli’s its a really long story involving Israeli gangsters, bmws, guns, alcohol, prostitutes, a hostel featuring my friend and I…
    its getting my so excited remaniscing about it… I may have to go and blog off over it… hopefully get it up by tomorrow.

  5. oh well done Shane, that was a very brave but potentially dangerous thing to do.

  6. Thanks Rebecca, I posted this not to draw attention to myself but just to point out these dilemmas do happen and they can be difficult to deal with.

    I dont think I would have felt very good about myself if I heard on the news the next day that the girl had been attacked/injured/murdered/raped etc.

    Though for some reason my life is never ordinary and these things do happen to me. Trouble loves me I think!

  7. I know exactely how you feel about ‘why does it always happen to me’
    I have the same problem, but its something to talk about – ive posted about gangsters, guns and fast cars…

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