The Not So Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye.

In a weeks time we move out of our serviced offices into our new offices in Ostermalm. We can then start to make it a proper office, I have just about had enough of the windowless office I am currently sat in. Even prison cells have windows.

The one thing I will really miss is the walk to work. Its about a 2 to 2.5 kms walk and I keep telling people how fortunate I am as there is so much to see on my way to the office.

Stockholm itself is built on 14 islands and my route takes me from home base, the island of Sodermalm, to Gamla Stan, then the islet of Riddarholmen back onto Gamla Stan and then onto Norrmalm.

I decided I would leave a bit earlier this morning and take some photos so you can share in its beauty as well.

I need to do a bit of homework on some of the buildings and bridges, feel free to share your knowledge and thoughts with us.

Photos here

I have tried flickr for this as I like the way I can position the photos on the maps. Its a bit of a fiddly interface but will see how I get on with it.

Of course the title is a nod to Morrissey, tut!


One Response

  1. Some awesome pictures, what a way to walk to work, get to see some of the best sites!
    Looks cold though…
    Ive stayed in the boat hostel below where you live (from your other pics)
    The building on the little island near parliament has always intrigued me – let me know if you find out what it is!

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