The big decision has been made…


I shall support Hammarby.

In an ideal world I would have gone to all 3 Stockholm clubs, seen a game and then decided who to support.

I have picked Hammarby for the following reasons:

1) I live in Södermalm and its rude not to support Hammarby, for me to support AIK there would be like supporting Liverpool but living in Manchester,

2) The ground is the nearest to me.

3) Last year they were sponsored by UNICEF, one of the few charities I donate to monthly.

4) The boss and his Dad are Hammarby mad, so it will be nice to know someone at the club, plus Nick is planning on doing a few away games so nice to have company. Sundsvall away Nick?

5) I was cold and needed a hat and the one I bought was a bright green Hammarby one so no changing now.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is trött-tired which is what I am feeling right now and I dont know why!


7 Responses

  1. I spoke to my gf about this the other night and she said you’d be making the right decision but if I ever go to a Hammarby v AIK game she will kill me if I go in the Hammarby end.
    Plus it doesnt help that she bought me an AIK shirt last season as it would make me an easy target to be honest.

  2. Sundsvall away is absolutely a possibility 🙂

  3. How do you fair at playing the old footy and ruggers mate?

  4. Badly, well football I quite enjoy but it aint pretty…actually I am a fotballsdömare….referee!

  5. Ahh thats cool,, if you cant play – coach football.
    if you cant coach – write about football.
    if you cant write – referee! 😉

    If you didnt mean the…

    ”Nice and there I was thinking you had the potential to be a good drinking pal!

    Glad I didnt read your blog before moving over here”

    comment we should (if you fancy it) find a footy team or even some people for sunday kickarounds.

  6. Thank u for explaining this to me. I always wonder how people come up with “their team”, and noone has ever been able to explain to me before. It´s a mystery.

  7. There are many different reasons why people pick a team. Usually its because of family or geographical ties or it can even be chosen on the basis of liking their kit (troja) or actually supporting a team to spite their parents…There is no exact science to it.

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