When is a Swede not a swede?

a Swede 

When its a kålrot!

I had to laugh the other day when a Swedish colleague realised for the first time that her nationality is in fact a vegetable in English.

Imagine you find out that your nationality is someone else’s turnip! Funny!

Not much has happened today but I would like to draw your attention to my German classmates’s blog.

Anika is a lawyer and is only here for 3 months. She has squeezed a lot in and puts my efforts to shame! Her blog is in Deutsch but she has taken a lot of photographs of Stockholm.

Check it out here

Todays word of the day is of course kålrot -Swede, as in the vegetable.

5 Responses

  1. I’ve commented on just about every other post of yours so I thought I must continue this trend and I must say Anika is very attractive, seems like she has the brains to go with the beauty.
    With you job you must enjoy meeting beautiful women all over the world!?

  2. You make me sound like James Bond!

    I meet all sorts in this game but to be honest after a while you tend to see through the looks and go on personality. I think its an age thing mate, or maybe at 32 and single I am getting desperate 😉

  3. Well in your avitar pic you have the James Bond dinner jacket on by the looks of it, so thats quite a fitting statement I suppose.

    I thought life began at 30? Well when I am over for good (all confirmed 28th April) we will have to have a go at the good old beer, or is Martini shaken not stirred Mr Bond?

  4. Ah I see, yeah I should change that really.

    Definitely up for a beer or two mate, fingers crossed you make it over here.

  5. kålrot = “cabbage root”

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