Now into my second month in Sverige

I cant believe how quick the time has flown, over a month since I landed in Sodermalm. A friend asked me the following questions I think I should answer these every month or so and see if and how they change…

So what do you miss the most from England/Wales?

Well in truth not a lot if I am honest, there are silly little things like Cinnamon Chai tea from Waitrose for example. To be honest I am really missing live football and the banter with my close friends in Cambridge. Although the football season starts here soon.

Stockholm is not in the wilderness and has most of what the UK has to be honest. I think it would have been much tougher in years gone by, I mean with the world wide web I can order Cinnamon Chai tea from Waitrose, I have been keeping Amazon busy as I have been reading a lot lately.

What do you like the best in Sweden?
I think people here are a lot more polite than back home. On the underground for sure, its not the survival of the fittest like the London Tube. People in the main actually wait for you to get off before they get on, in London they just pile on with no thought for anyone.  I love the Stockholm transport system, so easy to get around. Though I am looking forward to exploring more of Sweden as well. I like the fact there is so much to see and do in Stockholm and the scenery is very beautiful.

Sweden is very clean, it amazes me how little litter there is in the street and I am also impressed by how much the Swedes are environmentally aware and friendly.
What is the most weird thing about Sweden?
Jantelagen is up there of course, as is the Swedish laundry system. I think the female equality thing is going to be hard for me to get used to. The other day a woman was struggling with her suitcase on the train so I went to help and it was not appreciated, maybe she thought I was a thief but as I was in my best suit I doubt it, that went out with Raffles!

Todays Swedish Word of the day is tjuv -thief. Need to check how thats pronounced.


5 Responses

  1. I think Swede’s are ruder!
    The way they dont hold doors open for others and never say thanks when you do for them or the way the always seem to walk into your path and bump into you.
    Im suprised the words thanks, sorry and excuse me exsist in the Swedish langauage.
    As for being clean its amazing and I like how safe it feels and you can go out without seeing a fight.

    Public transport is 2nd to non… cheap and easy

  2. I also miss proper English sausages when in Sweden. (as well as English TV)

  3. You are right about that, they will invade your personal space in the supermarket but once you get used to it its ok.

    I had some verbals with a Swede when we got off the Skavsta bus.

    He was yanking his case out of the luggage compartment without a thought for the cases on top. I said something to him and he did not like it. Only told him to wait a second and everyone will get their cases off his. If looks could kill.

    Yes I miss sausages too but as I am trying to lose weight its nice to have them around. As for English Tv the only thing I miss is Match of the Day,most of it is absolute shit, other than the odd documentary or old school stuff like Fools and Horses they can stuff their tv licence. 😦

  4. Hej.. search out the book depository… can’t remember the web address off hand but google it… they are cheaper than amazon and have free delivery anywhere in the world.. they are based in the UK. I got my Swedish books from them and they were cheaper (because of the no delivery charge) than amazon…


  5. Thanks for the tip I will take a look.

    A colleague gave me another site but I needed a personummer which I dont have yet..

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