A wierd weekend

This was a very bizarre weekend.

Everything was running smoothly until I sat on the plane at Oslo. We were due out at 4.3o but at 5.30 we were still sat there and the Captain announced that there was a technical fault and this plane was not fit to fly.

Of course I would rather be safe than sorry but from there on in it was a shambles. There were no staff to advise us what to do, eventually there was an announcement to go to another gate as they had found us another plane. 

We go to the gate and waited for over 40 mins with no SAS staff to be seen. Eventually they rocked up and bussed us to another aircraft. We took off 3 hours late, never good on a Friday evening.

Then, well yes am sure you guessed it, the plane turned up but my luggage didnt. I wasnt amused. We had to queue up at the service desk and give in our details so SAS could deliver it to us. I took over 40 flights last year, mainly with low cost providers and they didnt lose my bag once, or delay for me three hours but the Scandinavian National Airline managed to do this.

What got me though was picking up my number there was a faster queue for those SAS Gold Members, hmm so where is your Jante bloody lagen now then!

I then joined my colleagues for a drink in town. It was pretty late at this point but I needed a drink. I had shown remarkable restraint as I had bought a bottle of Laphroaig and was tempted to open it at the airport.

Around 1am I got the sad news that an old friend from the past had suffered a heart attack and died in his bed.  A sobering though as he was only 39. RIP Robbie.

I woke up on Saturday morning with a terrible hang over, I had not used my restraint when I got home and cracked open the bottle of Islay’s finest and had a few drinks for my deceased friend.

My one task for the day was to buy an electric guitar and amp. I didnt bring my Bass with me and really fancied having a stab at electric guitar. I put a few football bets on as I usually do and went off to buy the guitar.

Later that day I was gutted to hear the Liverpool result, being bit of a fan its not a good result but then at the back of my mind I remembered the bet I had put on.

I stuck a fiver on Liverpool winning at half time but losing at full time at 190 to 1. And folks thats what happened, I took 900 notes of the bookies, not bad at all.

Yesterday I walked about 10 kms to Djurgården and back. I took a few photos  for you. Its amazing really the island of Djurgården is so close to the centre but its like being in the countryside. I need to explore more of this island.

My luggage arrived this morning and today’s Swedish Word of the Day is klagomål – complaint. Which is what I am sending to SAS today.


3 Responses

  1. What an incredible touch! Winning 9 large off the bookies!
    And if you like Djurgården wait until you go out to the archipelago’s. Definately worth renting ett sommarhus och en båt during midsommar if you dont know anyone with one.

  2. barnsley v chelsea now

  3. Yes I went to the archipelago years back so definitely looking forward to exploring it again.

    I think thats the great thing with Stockholm there is so much to do and so much of it revolves around nature.

    Yes Barnsley, well actually I was cursing them a few seasons ago as they beat us in the play off final on penalties. Never a nice way to go out , especially when you have outplayed them.

    To be honest I am not a big gambler, I do a put a bit on the Swansea games, it makes defeats a bit more easier to take if you have won a few quid. Except we have not lost many this season which is staggering.

    The FA Cup is a great compeititon for silly bets that like mine on Saturday occasionally come off. I wouldnt advocate put a shed load on but whats a fiver thesedays, doesnt even buy me a beer here…

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