It’s Karl Alfred the sailor man!

 Karl AlfredKarl Alfred 

Greetings from a very cold and snowy Oslo. 

I am always astonished when you see a well known figure abroad with a different name,  I was amazed to discover that the well known spinach guzzler ‘Popeye the sailor man’ is in fact called ‘Karl Alfred’ in Sweden.

Hardly very hip is it?

I wonder where they got Karl Alfred from – can anyone help?

The only other one I have noticed so far is Winnie the Pooh is called ‘Nalla Puh’! Dont believe me then check out Ullas Winnie sorry Nalla Puh’s site here

Another interesting kids character is Pippi Longstocking, she is a very famous Swedish character and my Swedish colleagues were in disbelief when I told them I had never heard of Pippi. It appears that Astrid Lindgrens character has appeared all over mainland Europe and the USA but not to blighty. Mind you on seeing this clip from the film version I think it may have been a blessing:

I wont be too cruel as many Swedes grew up with Pippi and they dont like it when you laugh her, how funny!

No Swedish Word of the day today as I am in Oslo but its really quite something to ask for directions in Swedish to a Norwegian and for them to reply in Norwegian and for me to understand it. I couldnt even do that in Welsh 😉


7 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you’ve never heard of Pippi Longstocking…she definitely came to Wales. Maybe you were too busy with Transformers or something?

  2. I must be older than you as I certainly was not into transformers, I was more into Star Wars of course.

    Seriously you are the only Brit I know that has heard of Ms Långstrump!

  3. I remember Pippi! Perhaps its because Im that bit younger too..?
    My Swede gets all embarressed when I bring up Pippa Långstrump, Abba, Volvo and the Vikings.

    Have you came across the chocolate bar called – ‘Plopp’ yet? That deserves a post of its own!

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