Viking women reveal all…allegedly!

Viking Woman 

There are two questions I am constantly asked about Sweden

1) How cold is it?


2) What are the women like?

I have to say in answer to question one, I have only really felt cold on one occasion since I have been here. I am refusing to wear gloves and my North Face arctic coat until its really cold.

In answer to Q2? Thats not the sort of question a gentleman usually answers, especially when he knows there are some Swedish females who read this blog. I do think that after reading what Viking women really wore  (nothing like the above pic apparently) that  the Swedish women should go back to Viking tradition a bit more and wear the fashions of their female ancestors…. 

Unfortunately I have had to remove Montchans blog from the North, it appears her blog has been deleted which is a shame as it was an enjoyable read, hopefully she will be back soon.

Todays Swedish Word of the day is kläder -clothing


6 Responses

  1. Hey nice blog… you said on the local you were interested in other blogs about sweden… mine is from a nz perspective.. I moved here in July last year…

    I have only felt cold once here so far, that was last week with -16 degrees….

    Anyway, I hope you are loving Sweden as much as I am!!!!
    hej da!

  2. Hej San Rochelle

    Thanks for dropping by, I look forward to reading your blog and will link to it. I think its fascinating to get another persons perspective.

    Though in fairness I think you are in the real Sweden! I cant wait to get up North and explore.

  3. Briefly, I just want to say Welcome To Sweden. I hope all works out well for you. If you follow the links on the right hand column of Katrineholm Review [], you might find a few sites linked there which could be useful to you as you adjust to Swedish life.

  4. Shane, glad to see you are still the gentleman!

  5. I do try Rebecca!

  6. Interesting blog.

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