Swedish Politics -It’s a funny old game.

Frederik Reinfeldt 

The infamous words of Jimmy Greaves apply to politics as well as football.

I was amazed to read that Swedens’ Prime Minister Reinfeldt gets behind Obama.

Surprised on two accounts.

Firstly Fredrik Reinfeldt is leader of Modoraterna ‘The Moderates’. Basically its Sweden’s Conservative Party. As you can tell by this little preamble in English:

‘Sweden has changed and moderaterna have developed to resolve the problems facing modern society. The new moderaterna put work before benefits by reducing tax, mostly for those who are earning the least. We want to reinstate welfare by putting education and health services before the benefits system. And we think that we should, once and for all, take up the battle against criminality. ‘

To be fair this used to be strictly ‘Tory Talk’ but the verbage is now used by ‘New Labour ‘of course.

I can’t imagine many politicians who believe in tax cuts and ‘work before benefits’ to be supporters of the US Democratic Party, and I certainly would not expect them to be backing Obama’s bid for the White House. I was intrigued to read that Reinfeldt believes he shares the same politics as the Illinois Senator..hmmm.

Right now Reinfeldt and his Party are on a crusade to get the long term sick and absence from work rate down. Hardly the sort of thing the Democrats are in to.

Someone said to me that the Swedish Conservative Party is not as conservative as the UK Conservative Party and this is obviously the case. I know Blair and Dubya were big chums but that was after Bush was elected and not before.

Personally I think its really stupid and naive for any country’s leader to openly declare support for a candidate in another lands’ election.

I mean, what happens now if God forbid Hillary wins? I can’t see her wanting to do much with a country who’s leader backed her rival! Also if the Republicans win (stop laughing I actually think they will!) then will they want to do business with a leader who backed the other party.

Folly indeed.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is dårskap – folly!


2 Responses

  1. Reinfeldt appears to be grasping at straws in backing Obama anyway. My relatives in Sweden tell me that the moderates aren’t very popular in Sweden.

    When I was there last fall, there was a huge ceremony at the Rikksdag celebrating the one year anniversary of the new government.

    It is not uncommon though for Swedish leaders to publicly declare support for leaders in other countries. Some say it cost Olaf Palme his life.

  2. Welcome Crazycoach.

    Well the Moderaten led National Alliance was always going to be in for a tough time. The Social Democrats are so much the political establishment here. I hope the coalition wins next time because I think change is a good thing.

    I still think from a foreign policy perspective its folly to support other candidates in other countries.

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