Forget ‘waterboarding’ try flying Ryanair!

I have read a lot in the last week about the CIA using various forms of coercion on Al Quaeda suspects. ‘Waterboarding necessary but potentially illegal’

The UN are now declaring that this is a form of torture and rightly so. However should the CIA need to change tack I have an alternative suggestion which is legal.

They should go for sleep deprivation but in another way.

Make the suspect fly with Ryanair!

I flew with them this weekend to Stansted. I thought I would get a few hours kips but no how wrong I was. The cabin is painted a bright yellow and blue which I am sure is designed to keep you awake, there are no window blinds to pull down and worst of all is the relentess announcements from selling you lottery prize draw tickets to car hire.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of low cost airlines and I have flown on most of them but it dawned on me this weekend that Ryanair really do not want you to sleep

They dont make that much from the actual ticket (unless like me you buy it last minute where the price is higher than the norm but thats market forces) they make their cash from flogging you duty free gifts, scratch cards and overpriced sandwiches.  If you are having a kip then they dont get any money out of you.

Oddly though the one thing that stops me buying a cuppa from them is the fact you dont get a pull down table from the seat in front of you. Its another cost cutting exercise but being so clumsy I know a little bit of turbulence and I will spill my Earl Grey over my strides. Not good, so I just dont bother.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is sömnlös -insomnia!


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  1. Heheheh

    I just flew Ryanair from Hamburg…No Lübeck … to London… no Stansted… and was struck by how cheap and gawdy it was too.
    But what really blew me away was the way they set up the website so that every step in the process costs you more money. I won’t link to the posts here, but you can do a search for ryanair in my sidebar to find them, if you care to look.

    Swedish looks very similar to German. Kläder vs Kleider in German, for example.

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