Wot no Post Office?

How nice to wake up to the news that Senator John McCain done the bizo in the US primaries last night. I remember campaigning for him in California in 2000 so it was nice to see him win there this time.

I overheard a conversation an American was having with some Swedes the other day on the elections. The person concerned was waxing lyrical about Obama. Believe it or not in my old age I have learnt to keep my trap shut so said nothing. What did make me laugh though was her answer to the next question.

Interested Swede says ‘So will you vote?’
The gushing Obama fan says’ Ah well I cant really, I have some tax issues so I am not on the register.’

I did chuckle.

The other day I  had a card put through the door and was asked to collect the parcel from the local dry cleaners. I couldn’t quite believe it. Anyway I march down there and yes it was true. There was a little section of the dry cleaning shop with the usual post office equipment.

It appears that this country with such strong Social Democratic ways has no Post Offices. In England the jolly old post office is as revered as the Queen herself and even the Tories didn’t have the bottle to privatise it and close down all the post offices. Labour have culled the amount of post offices, particularly in rural areas so maybe this is a way forward for the UK. I mean if the most Social Democratic country in Europe can do it I am sure we can!

Before anyone writes in I am fully aware that Sweden now has a government led by ‘Moderaten‘ or ‘The Moderates,’ basically  an equivalent of our Tory Party. But! The country is still largely social democratic and it would take years to sweep away the Swedish traditions and ways of working, Sweden needs a Thatcher for that and from what I can gather the Swedes wouldn’t stand for that kind of approach. Maybe I am wrong but it will be fun finding out more once I can actually read the political sites. Interesting to see on Moderatens site that they are called ‘nya Moderaterna’ – the New Moderates, now where we have seen that before…?

I was chuffed today when I went to pick up some groceries at Hemkop. When I was meandering down the pulses and grain aisle, the Stranglers came on, fantastic! Nice bit of Peaches! I was nearly ‘pogoing’ over to the rotisserie!

I am sure you know the song even if you dont know the Stranglers. You can hear it and see them here

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is paket – parcel


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