Gyms, hooray henry’s and punks!

I need to join a gym but without a bank account it means I am going to have to pay a years money up front. It’s a big outlay and of course I could be coming home in six months if things dont work out for me.

I really want to get a gym close to the office. I like to do a workout at lunch time. I find it gives me time to think about whats happened in the morning and plan my afternoon. Also it doesnt eat into my evenings and I find it easier to stick to a lunchtime regime, evening sessions will be difficult with my Swedish classes anyway.

On the ground floor of the office building we are in is SATS gym. The lady showed me around and it worked out a 6600 SEK for the year, about £530 plus a membership fee of 700 SEK (£55) however if I pay by month its only a 200 SEK (£16). I was amazed and asked them to confirm this. Surely I should be getting a discount for paying for a whole year up front rather than the month.

I put my credit card away and told the lady I wouldn’t be joining. Either she had got it wrong or it was a wierd rule!

So I need to find another gym and quick because I am missing my workouts. Since Christmas I have really been struggling to sleep. I put it down to the stress of moving to Sweden and then the whole settling in thing. But I think it’s because I am not getting the exercise I used to and my body is still too alert.

I had an interesting weekend.

Friday night we weer invited to Cafe Opera which is Stockholm’s most exclusive nightspot. In other words not the type of gaff I really like. But as it was a corporate do with KLM/Air France I thought I should go.  It also gave me a chance to have a few drinks with my new colleagues.

A lot of the elite go to Cafe Opera, certainly the rich kids. They seemed to all dressed the same and have their hair combed back. The women were in the main the sorts you see flitting around Sloane Square. Certainly not a Shane place, I find I can get quite Trotskyist in such places so I dont think I will go back there. Besides which it was 11 quid for a JD and diet coke and some of you will know how many of those I can knock back in an evening!

Saturday night, I went to a bar called Rocks.  I went with Annika and her friend. Annika is a German lawyer who is in my Swedish class. She is only over for a few months and fair play to her she is learning Swedish.

Annika lives one stop away from me so I suggested to her that if she wanted to go out socially then she could always call. I felt quite awkward suggesting this as she is married but my intentions were honourable and besides she is out of my league anyway!

Rocks has a DJ that plays all sorts of rock music. It was refreshing to hear a run of songs including The Jam, Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. I cant stand electric, techno dance shite so I was happy to hear decent music for once.

The patrons were mixed, you had Goths, Rockers, Punks, some lesbian couples and transvetites. Even several women wearing short skirts and stockings, quite a nice view but way too young for me to be eyeing up their thighs!

I need to buy a steamer for my vegetables , I cant stand boiling vegetables thesedays you lose so much of the goodness, today’s Swedish Word of the Day is ångkökare – steamer. 

I had a look at lunch time but couldn’t find any but what I did see was lots of Soda Stream machines, I thought I was back in 1985 again! Although we were too poor to have one. So deprived 😉


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