Doing your laundry in Sweden

The title is banal and I never thought I would ever be writing  a blog post on washing my clothes however….

The Swedes take this very very seriously.

There are very few launderettes in Sweden and most apartment blocks have their own laundry room. I think us Brits are spoilt with washing machines in our kitchens.

Roger the landlord showed me the laundry room when I moved in. You basically get different time slots and you unlock your room number and place it in the slot you require.

Piece of piss thinks I. Wrong.

I booked the 4-8 slot and was intending on rocking up to the laundry room about 6pm. Åsa my colleague shook her head in disbelief and said that wasn’t the way to do it and that you only get half an hour grace otherwise you lose your place.

I am laughing at this but she wasn’t. Darren another colleague who hails from Oz was chuckling to himself. He has been here six years now and he laughed as he recalled this was the first lesson he learnt in Sweden.

So I had to leave the office and get home to do my washing!

I have to say though I was impressed with the facilities, choice of 3 machines, dryer and á machine which I can only describe as an electric clothes horse in a closet. Great for work shirts.  They also had mangles in there!!!! I swear it, I will take some pics as I now have my USB card reader.

Todays Swedish word of the day is tvätt – laundry.


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  1. Lol! Reminds me of CH (had to ask for permission to install my own washing machine in the flat and pay a fortune for a plumber to come in!)
    And btw, washing machines in the kitchen are considered to be totally unhygienic and quite chocking a location by Swedes (at least previous colleagues of mine)!

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