How the Swedes Queue.

My night out in Copenhagen got very messy. I broke my golden rule of not getting drunk the day before a flight, I was not a pretty sight at the airport.

I did learn an important word though baksmälla – hangover!

Today I went to the SEB bank to try and get a Swedish bank account sorted out. They have a unique way of queing up here. 

There is a machine that despatches a ticket number. You then wait for your number on the screen and go to the desk indicated. It reminds me of waiting at the meat counter at Tesco when I was a kid.  It is of course a better system than ours, far more civilised and you don’t have to stand there. You can take a seat and read knowing that no Swede is going to jump in.

Maybe though this is indicative of the difference between the UK and Sweden. The Swedish queueing system is about order and control wheras the Brits have to put their faith in standing and waiting to get served far more ‘laissez faire’….  What do you think is better?

I hate having long nails and couldnt find my nail clippers. I wasn’t sure where to get them but was told to go to Åhlens City. Its a big department store and located opposite the office. They seem to have everything in this shop.

Todays Swedish Word of the Day is nagelsax – nail clippers 


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