VisitBritain Ignores Wales

As a few of you know I work in the travel game. I get to go to a lot of travel and tourism trade fairs around Europe.

Something has been gnawing at me for awhile and today I kicked it off.

VisitBritain is the tourism arm that represents tourism to our home nations. They get millions of taxpayers dough to spend on promoting us.

The last 12 months their stands have all been a disgrace. They have picked a music them such as the Beatles, Oasis etc, ok that narks me as there is more to Great Britain than that but today…

Well I am at a fair in Copenhagen and saw the usual stand. The conversation went something like this

Me. Why are you called VisitBritain?
Her. Ah because we represent all the tourist boards in Great Britain. Why?
Me. Well I think you should be called Visit England because I cant see anything remotely Welsh or Scottish on this stand?

She then goes behind the counter and fishes out a dusty copy of a brochure on Wales.

Me. So why is that behind the counter and not visible?
Her. Stony silence, in fact I felt a little guilty as she looked like she was about to cry.

OK most of you know my politics , that I consider myself British before Welsh but with things like this I can see why Welsh and Scots people get pissed off. I think I shall write to the Welsh Assembly as this in my view is a fookin disgrace!


2 Responses

  1. Well done! There must be a quango you can write to.

  2. Isn’t Wales is full of Quangos?????

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