Swedish News in English

As most of you know I am bit of a news junkie., I spend most of my online time reading the news from different parts of the world.

One of the best resources for English speakers in Sweden is The Local. It’s an online newspaper covering the major stories and the quirky ones from Sweden in English.

They also have a great discussion board that I used to ask questions on before my move. I am sure I will be using it a lot more once I am here.

My next big dilemma is finding a Swedish Radio station to listen to. I must confess the three things I am really missing so far is Match of the Day, Radio 5 Live and Planet Rock.

Yes I know I can get them on the net but its not the same when cooking in the kitchen or having breakfast. Also I need to push myself into listening to as much Swedish as I can.

One Response

  1. My favourite rock station is Rockklassiker (106.7 FM)

    Its all the classic rock like Led Zep and so on… plus if you get digital tv… make sure you get canal plus sport with viasat sport… you’ll never miss a game of Premiership football!

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