Getting Frisky

Most people know that Scandinavia has some of the most robust gender equality laws and attitudes on the planet.

I remember when I first came to Stockholm in 1994, that there were far more women in higher placed jobs in Sweden than in the UK, certainly in the political world. Now thankfully the UK has caught up but there are some areas where there are no differences between the genders.

Take yesterday for example, I set the machines off at Arlanda Airport security so I had to get frisked. To my amazement this was done by a woman. Usually there is a male and female guard who then proceed to carry out the check, not here. I know some people who would have paid good money for that, but I just smiled and tried to act nonchalant whilst really I was thinking bloody hell this would never happen back home. Not sure if this is the norm or just that they were short staffed.

Fortunately I had nothing on me so she didnt need to carry out a strip search, wouldn’t have wanted to put her off her lunch now would I! 


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  1. and the Saint didn’t make any comments at all?? Getting out of practice? 😉

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