Swedish Lunch

I am happy, all my boxes arrived yesterday, all intact. So I spent yesterday unpacking most of my stuff.  I now have my beloved cook books, dvds and my XBOX 360!

If you have found this blog because you are looking for a company that deals with moving boxes to Sweden (bloody good SEO on my part if you have!) then I really recommend speaking with Paul Gandy at wordwide freight on freephone:  0800 0188138

He was really helpful and it was an easy process.

Tonight is a big night as I start my classes in Swedish, I am armed with my textbooks, workbooks, pencils, writing pads all I need now is my Spiderman sandwich box and it will be like my old school days. I am excited but a little nervous. It’s the whole social thing of meeting new people, I do it for  a living but I find the older I get the harder this is in a social environment.

I have noticed that the Swedes like to take a hot meal at lunch. Many of them take a hearty lunch and eat light at dinner. I know thats better for you but cant see myself doing that. I will fall asleep at my desk!

Its amazing how many places there are to eat near the office, everything from Sushi to Subway. All the restaurants offer you a lunch menu which is very good value, it usually includes soup, bread, a salad bar and a main dish, no Burleigh Arms Super Brunch from what I can see though!

I ignored the sit down meal offers and wound up at Sandys, not a bad little eating place, they do wraps and sandwiches some of which are low GI. I went for the Thai Chicken, very nice!

I am so pleased my cookbooks are here as I have been eating quite badly since I got here. Not helped by the fact I have discovered the delicious dill crisps!!

Anyway todays Swedish word of the day is ‘dägens rett’ which means daily dish, this is the value for money option at lunch time.


4 Responses

  1. i bought thos crisps in ikea you know!! still waiting to find out if dime bars are actually swedish though..
    and told ya world freight were good…

  2. My colleagues say Dime bars are Swedish, I actually bought some over the weekend but its spelt Daim over here.

  3. send me some!!

  4. Actually, Daim or Dime were Swedish originally but are now part of Kraft General Foods. That’s globalisation for you! But they are sooooooo good! 🙂

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