Adapting to the high Swedish prices

I stupidly left the adaptor at home for the UK laptop today so I headed off to a shop called Teknik Magasinet  (The tech shop.)

Two adaptors were nearly 16GBP! I nearly collapsed, yes I have noticed price differences in the supermarket but not to the point where I felt completely fleeced!!! I have a feeling this will happen again numerous times during my stay here.

Todays Swedish word of the Day is ‘lurad’ which means ‘rip off’!

9 Responses

  1. Hello there, I am glad it is going well in Sweden. I am very jealous of your international move!

  2. Glad it is all going well.

    Man you need a new football team after that shocking result in the FA Cup ;o)

  3. Thanks Rebecca, its exciting!

    Cheers David, I was going to ask you for some advice as I remember the Sky Blues getting done by……Sutton United once 😉

  4. doh!! and you call me ditzy!!

  5. I’ll be quiet then :op

  6. Am quite enjoying the blog tbh. Keep it up.

  7. Thanks Rebecca, when I am writing this I am thinking this is a bit mundane, are people really interested in my thai chicken wrap 😉

    I am hoping the blog will get a little more exciting as I get out and about a bit more.

    Also I need to get a new camera lead this weekend as I cant find mine, so I will add some visual posts then.

  8. Yes, you definitely need photos. I really love the word mundane. Am thinking it might be quite fun to set you a challenge. In your next post I think you should weave in the word steeple. Blog bingo!

  9. Hmm tricky one that, I have a hard enough time spelling these days let alone thinking of new words to add in.

    The good news is that I got a usb cable today at the airport. So will add a load of pix on Sunday.

    Hope you and the young un are fine!

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