The First Big Dilemma


I need a Swedish football team to support.Stockholm has three teams in the Swedish top flight called the Allsvenskan (literally the All Swedish.)

The three teams are AIK (“Allmänna Idrottsklubben”, translates to “The general sports club” or “The public sports club”.), they are based towards the north of Stockholm in a suburb called Solna.

Then there is Djurgårdens IF Fotboll, commonly just “Djurgården” is a Swedish football team located in Stockholm. The club is also nicknamed “Stockholms stolthet” (lit. “the pride of Stockholm”). Djurgården is based in Östermalm, a part of Stockholm with mostly upper class.

Last but not least is Hammarby, they are based in Sodermalm in the south of Stockholm, its far more of a working class area and support. They used to be known as a ‘yo-yo’ club as they went from promotion to relegation each season but thats not been the case for the last ten years.

Having read about them all, I should really opt for…Hammarby. Why? Well they are not as successful as the other two Stockholm clubs. Being a Swansea City fan I can empathise with the Hammarby fans, besides I always plump for the underdog. They are also sponsored by Unicef which is one of the charities I donate to from my pay packet. Working Class background I like that, and I live in Sodermalm so they are my local club. That could change though as I am on a short term let.

So it looks like I will plump for Hammarby, but I will reserve final judgement until I have been to a game and sampled the atmosphere. Hopefully I will like it because the new colleagues hate AIK with a passion!

My goal though is to try and visit every ground in the Allsvenskan during the next season which kicks off in April!


9 Responses

  1. Hey, I do hate Djurgården with a passion too 😉 Actually even more than AIK….

    You know that this is nothing you can chose, it just happens, but damn you if the wrong thing would happen 😀

  2. Oh ok, you never mentioned them much before so assumed you tolerated them.

    Was actually in the Hammerby shop on Saturday, quite impressed with the merchandise on offer.

  3. Visit Södermalm, and then you know which team to support…

  4. I know its a little late but I would say go for AIK.
    2 reason’s:

    1- Their stadium (Råsunda) Its just across the park from where I’m moving in May and its the biggest stadium with an eventful atmosphere.
    2- I’m going to need someone to go to the game with.

  5. Have you been to Råsunda before Jamie?

    The thing is you have no idea how much grief I will get in the office if I follow AIK, I will get lynched.

    Plus where I live in Södermalm is really Hammarby country, it would be like me wearing a Millwall hat near Upton Park. I wouldnt survive very long!

    Give us a shout when you are over though, always interested in going to football match and cant wait to see what the Swedish league will be like. Looking forward to getting some away games in as well, great way to see the country I reckon, football and travel you cant beat (though maybe being a Plymouth fan you are fed up with travel!)

  6. I’ve been to the Råsunda once to watch AIK vs Helsingborg. Its a big stadium but in quite bad condition compared to Premiership/Top Championship standard (plus Home Park has a Wetherspoons opposite the ground)

    As for the standard of football it’s proberbly the same as an average Championship team, so it should be a step up from Swansea and Cambridge!

    I managed to watch Argyle against the Hammers in the League Cup and against Portsmouth in the FA Cup.
    Cant beat going up on the train to a new place, getting on the beer, enjoying the game and mixing with the locals.
    My flight out is on the 26th April

  7. Ha ha the Super Swans are storming League One, we could playing at Home Park next year!

    Yeah definitely know what you mean. Nick the Swede is going to do a few away games and I dare say there will be room for you on some of the trips.

    I prefer the train as well though to be honest, am really looking forward to it. Am so missing live football right now.

  8. I’m a Swansea fan too and I will be moving to Stockholm in the next few months so have been following the Swedish league for about a year now, my favorite Stockholm club is AIK but i prefer Malmo FF out of everyone

  9. Have you arrrived Alexanderson?

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