First Week in Stockholm

Wow that went fast, my first week here I mean.

After emotional goodbyes last Monday, I touched down at Stockholm Skavsta Airport  at 5.30. To be honest I was a bit choked as I had some lovely text messages – that coupled with the fantastic leaving card given to me by the Cambridge office made this move far more emotional than I had imagined. Maybe they were just glad to see the back of me!

My main worry was the flat in Stockholm. I used Bostad Direkt and did it all online. Yes bad I know but time was against me in December and I just couldnt get over to view any places. Nick Bylund, my new colleague kept telling me not to worry as the standards are very high in Sweden, but I am a home loving Cancerian and home is very important to me.

I needn’t have worried, its a lovely little flat and the landlord is a nice guy, so I am now a resident of Brännkyrkagatan. Well for the next four months at least as its a short term let. Brännkyrkagatan is in the Stockholm district of Södermalm. Its a lovely area, plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. My journey to work door to door is circa 20-25 mins nothing at all! I am looking forward to exploring Södermalm and of course the other 13 or so islands that make up Stockholm.

The new office is nice though its not open plan as its temporary so very compartmentalised. My new team member and I have our own office, it may sound nice but its not my bag – poor Asa will be climbing the walls soon having to put with me. We move to our new offices in Ostermalm in March I believe.

Fair play to Asa she is starting to correct my Swedish, apparently I have good vocabulary but my pronounciation is a bit suspect. On Tuesday I go to the Peoples University better known as Folkuniversitet, to start my Swedish lessons. Although I speak a little Swedish I want to start from scratch so I can iron out any bad errors I have picked up whilst teaching myself.

I really like the fact that when I try and speak Swedish, the locals are replying to me in Swedish which is great, I will get lazy otherwise. In fact last night I was in the local shop and I had to help a Russian guy buy his supper as he spoke no Swedish. Mind you he later told me he worked for the Russian military, I teased him about the treatment his country was dishing out to the British Council in Russia. He was genuinely embarrassed. Poor sod.

This is quite a bumper post so I promise to make shorter regular posts.

Main news is that I have found a fantastic tea shop, they sell hundreds of different teas and they even have a loyalty scheme! I think I will be a good customer of theirs, I even bought a teapot with a built in strainer. No tea bags here. Currently sampling the lime rooibos tea and I bought some high grade Earl Grey as well. Both very nice though I think I will need another tea pot for the office.

I will sign off now as I dont want to make this post too long. I promise to post regularly from now and take more photos!

My Swedish word of the day is Rea – which means sales, as in the January sales, very important word over here!


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  1. Hello you! Great to read about your life in Sweden. So jealous, I would love to start an adventure like this!

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